Goodbye Gurnee

Hello South America

Goodbye Santiago, Hello Valdivia

  Originally, I only wanted to teach English in Valdivia for one semester, from March until July in 2014. Little did I know that watery town was going to be … Continue reading

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10 Things you Should do in Santiago, Chile

Overwhelmed by options or just tired of visiting the old buildings and churches listed in your guidebook? Before leaving Santiago, make sure you do these 10 things!

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English Opens Doors

What is it? English Opens Doors, or Inglés Abre Puertas as it’s called in Spanish, is a really volunteer teaching program sponsored by the Chilean government and the United Nations … Continue reading

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Getting to Know the other Volunteers and Santiago

For a little over a week I was able to explore Santiago along with the other volunteers in my program. These are some of my favorite places.

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Arriving to Santiago, Chile – Day 1

Traveling is exciting but when you arrive there’s a few technicalities you’ve got to get through, mainly the airport.

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Chile … I totally (don’t) know where that is

It’s okay, just admit it – you don’t know much about Chile. We aren’t all geography whizzes.

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Choosing Chile

I was researching different places I could teach English, and given that only 67 of 196 countries have English as an official language, that left me with a lot of options. How to choose?!?!

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Escape Plan

So, you graduated but have very little training and skills but want to travel? It’s not impossible.

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